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Lemonade (LMND)

By Tue, Dec 15, 2020

Today’s Chart of the Week is a recent big name IPO that’s ready to break out of a beautiful base.

Lemonade (LMND) went public on July 2nd and shot up 139%.

The stock came back to earth a bit and has been in a consolidation ever since, creating a beautiful base that is ready to break out.

We are long only if it’s above $97.

However, unless it’s above $97, LMND is still considered to be inside the base.

So, if it breaks out of the base and goes past that $97 level we are long with a price target of $120.

That’s more than 20% return with clearly defined exposure.

Limited risk, great reward.

That’s what these trades are all about.

Til next week, good trading,

JC Parets

P.S. If you haven’t gotten to watch, watch the replay from last week’s live Charting Room training for more actionable trades.


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JC Parets, founder of All Star Charts, specializes in finding the most opportunistic risk vs. reward propositions while at the same time bringing a top/down approach to the marketplace whose wide spectrum is rivaled by few. JC begins with a long-term global macro perspective and then works his way down to the individual sector and industry level before ultimately isolating the stocks that best portray a particular thesis. Price is the most important technical indicator, but JC uses supplements such as Momentum, Relative Strength, and Fibonacci analysis to complete the process.