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Welcome to the World of Technical Analysis

Are you tired of guessing what the market is going to do next? Don’t you wish you had a better way to understand what's actually happening in the markets and, more importantly, how to profit from it?

That’s the power of Technical Analysis, and it’s time you understood just how valuable it can be to your trading.

There is simply no more effective way of cutting through the chaos and noise of the markets than with Technical Analysis.

Imagine not having to wade through an unending flood of news headlines about every possible trade, and being able to accurately anticipate what would happen next using just charts and objective data.

What if you could use technical analysis to not just to make money... but to create real generational wealth?

No other trading methodology comes close to being as profitable as technical analysis.

This is exactly what some of the biggest hedge funds, institutions and wealth investors in the world have been doing for decades.

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Welcome to the World of Technical Analysis

Victor Sperandeo, who had a string of 18 profitable years with an average return of 72% before seeing his first losing year in 1990.

Ray Dalio, who uses technical analysis to identify mispriced assets -- and has built a $10 billion fortune as a result.

Ed Seykota, the pioneer of computerized trading systems, who based his legendary systems (that grew accounts 250,000%) on technical analysis rules

John Henry, billionaire owner of the Boston Redsox, who used a fraction of his technical analysis fortune to purchase his own professional baseball team.

Paul Tudor Jones II, trading royalty who started his career with just one losing month in his first four years of trading and built his fortune to more than $5 billion today.

The list of highly profitable technical traders goes on and on…

All of these legendary traders generated big wins through technical analysis.


Now it’s YOUR TURN to use the power of technical analysis to build your fortune.

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JC's style of teaching is perfect for traders looking for learn a proven, step-by-step trading formula that you can immediately implement into your own real life trading today.

You will fly through this course and find that it is filled with only the most valuable and important aspects of technical analysis. The stuff that actually generates profit!

By the time you’re done with this course, you’ll have deep understanding of how to:

Analyze a charts in real-time and find highly profitable trades with very little downside risk

Anticipate market moves BEFORE they happen

Manage your risk 10X more effectively than ever before

Find Bullish and Bearish trend patterns in real time

Spot trend reversals and key support and resistance levels at a glance

Understand market breadth (and how to profit from it)

Identify losing stocks to avoid at all costs and pinpoint winning trades

And so much more!

This 7-module course is the fastest and most effective way to get better at trading. Period.

This course will empower you to take on trades you never dreamed you could find.

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Look Inside This Course

Lesson 3: Introduction to Momentum & Relative Strength

This introduction to momentum and relative strength will teach you everything you need to know about ratio charts, momentum, and relative strength. That means understanding the primary use of each element, various ways to measure each, and how to decipher each element on a chart to most effectively anticipate upcoming market moves.

Lesson 2: Introduction to Trend Recognition

Learn the ins and outs of trend recognition in Lesson 2. You’ll discover why trends are so pivotal to Technical Analysis, and how to actually identify them in both bull and bear markets. That means understanding the lifecycle of both market types, and how they differ. Lesson 2 also covers the key elements of a trendline, how to weigh the evidence, and how to calculate a moving average.

Lesson 1: Introduction to Technical Analysis

Get an understanding of the basics of Technical Analysis, its 3 major principles, and how to put them into practice in your own trading. Lesson 1 busts some of the biggest myths about Technical Analysis, teaches you how to set both technical and fundamental goals, and explains the key elements of a trading chart.

Lesson 4: Introduction to Market Breadth

Take a deep dive into market breadth in this introduction to the topic. Learn what it is, why it matters, and how to measure it. This section also covers traditional indicators, sector and index analysis, and identifying and confirming divergences, a critical element of Technical Analysis.

Lesson 5: Introduction to Technical Analysis in Action

Explore Technical Analysis in action to learn the various types of chart patterns, how to recognize them, and how to react to each within your own trading. You’ll also see how to set price targets and leverage Fibonacci analysis.

Lesson 6: Introduction to Risk Management

This critical lesson shows you how to properly manage risk responsibility. You’ll get a detailed tutorial in position sizing, see why it’s so important to successful trading, and even get JC’s personal risk mitigation formula.

Lesson 7: Introduction to Supplementary Topics

The final lesson in this Technical Analysis fundamentals training introduced additional subjects for you to explore as your trading proficiency evolves. We’ll go over intermarket analysis, trader sentiment, Technical Analysis tools, and good habits and best practices for successful trading.


About JC Parets

JC Parets is one of the most widely followed Technical Analysts in the world, and the founder of All Star Charts, a research platform for both professional and retail investors covering US and International stocks, interest rates, commodities, and forex markets.

JC is featured regularly on Bloomberg, CNBC, Fox Business, ABC, CNN, Wall Street Journal and many other financial media outlets around the world. His popularity, knowledge, and ability to accurately and effectively simplify a complicated topic have made JC one of the most accomplished Chartered Market Technicians in the world. That’s why he speaks about Technical Analysis and Behavioral Finance at conferences internationally, as well as locally at institutions including Harvard, Duke, NYU, the University of Chicago.

When not touring or teaching, JC spends his time enjoying his newly-earned sommelier certification and adventuring with his wife in New York City.

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I’ve been following you from afar for awhile. Seems you’ve been calling the markets pretty much spot on. I actually got on your Bond call and made some great profits. Got out when you suggested it was done.

Finally decided to sign up after watching your free monthly call video. I was impressed by the detail and research you put into your analysis.

Matthew Taylor 

Great work over the past couple of weeks with your guidance. All of you have done a great job. Because of you, my clients have not only avoided the calamity of the past week but profited from the move over to Treasuries. It is never a comfortable trade when there are major shifts in the market, but your analysis, calm explanation of strategy, and professionalism have been a beacon in the storm.

Jason Demers

At some point I believe I watched one of your videos from the most recent Chart Summit, and I've been on your "free" publication list ever since. You do some great work and it is one of the few email blasts that I find useful, keep it up! Great piece last weekend on buying Bonds and the case for lower yields.

Ross LaDuke

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J.C.- I subscribed to ASC this week, after doing your online course last summer. As a technician since '98 (then-trading; now-advising/PM), plus life-long learner (wrapping CMT3 in June), I know world class Mkt talent+skill when I see it. Appreciate the freshness of ASC & your approach.

Matt Spencer

Yours is one of the emails I always look forward to. Every time I learn something new, a different way to view things. I read a lot of books but the material that comes from you is something one cannot teach.


Thanks JC & Team. The bond trades you analyzed, researched, published are working great!

I also like your "flexibility" and the revisiting of your previous metals/gold thesis when the charts & weighing of the evidence eventually tells us to. I always look forward to digesting and learning more about technical analysis/trading and thanks again for all your great content and observations.

John Brunel


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