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Pot Stocks | Mon, Nov 11, 2019 | By

How much worse can it get for underperforming weed companies?

Cruelty, thy name is earnings — for weed companies, anyway. Cannabis companies in Canada have consistently over-promised and under-delivered for investors at earnings time, failing to achieve promised profitability, failing... Read More

Pot Stocks | Sat, Aug 10, 2019 | By

Marijuana-derived epilepsy drug doubles sales, sending GW Pharma stock soaring

GW Pharmaceuticals PLC reported Tuesday afternoon that sales of its cannabis-derived epilepsy drug more than doubled from the previous quarter, sending shares spiking more than 11% higher in after-hours trading.... Read More

Pot Stocks | Sat, Aug 3, 2019 | By

Aphria rockets 38% after surprise profit to pull cannabis stocks higher

As Friday’s trading session drew to a close, rumors began to swirl about Canadian licensed cannabis producers circling the damaged assets of CannTrust Holdings Inc. With ongoing investigations by the... Read More

Pot Stocks | Tue, Jul 9, 2019 | By

Illegally grown CannTrust pot was exported and sold in Denmark

A day after revelations that Health Canada had seized unlicensed cannabis CannTrust Holdings Inc. was growing in Ontario, a Danish company said it sold some of that illegal pot to... Read More

Pot Stocks | Thu, Jul 4, 2019 | By

Happy Fourth of July! 5 reasons millions of Americans have no reason to celebrate

MARKETWATCH FRONT PAGE Not everyone is benefiting from record-low unemployment and a decade-long bull market. See full story. MoviePass going dark on a busy July 4 — and perhaps longer... Read More

Pot Stocks | Wed, Jul 3, 2019 | By

Zenabis fought short-selling financiers in the cannabis industry, but did it win?

Zenabis Global Inc. did the unlikely Tuesday: The cannabis company raised cash without going to a group of hedge funds in Canada that deploy aggressive trading strategies to recycle capital... Read More

Pot Stocks | Wed, Jun 19, 2019 | By

Earnings Outlook: Canopy Growth earnings: Can the world’s largest marijuana company keep growing like a weed?

After recreational marijuana sales were legalized last year, Canopy Growth Corp.’s pot sales jumped 360%. When the world’s largest pot company reports a fresher crop of results this week, that... Read More

Pot Stocks | Tue, Jun 18, 2019 | By

Cannabis Watch: How a marijuana-software company became the first of its kind to list its stock on Nasdaq

To accomplish the feat of becoming the first cannabis-software stock to list on the Nasdaq, MJ Freeway Chief Executive Jessica Billingsley employed a strategy well known to Wall Street veterans.... Read More

Pot Stocks | Thu, May 16, 2019 | By

3 ideas for investing in the CBD pet treat market

Many people are using CBD now, for everything from soothing anxiety to managing pain from arthritis. Heck, CBD can even reduce seizures. Anecdotal evidence shows it helps with a lot... Read More

Pot Stocks | Sat, Apr 27, 2019 | By

Marijuana Investing – Here’s what you need to know

Savvy investors are always on the lookout for legitimate opportunities. Not just any investment will do, however. The smart, long-term investor looks for potential opportunities with staying power, the kind... Read More